The Power of Art #6 Chris Tille

Chris Tille’s series Harpies focuses on superstorms, a combination of opposing forces that can extend several thousand kilometres, causing mass destruction. NASA satellites collect the data of storms in slices, which Tille patiently collages together, forming long, beautiful and billowing blue shapes. Even though these images are digital reconstructions, they convey tranquillity and impress with their monumental scale. Storm cross-sections divided in grid lines are presented to the viewers, reflecting upon the contradiction of these violent outbreaks and their dangerous allure.

Tille’s Harpies edition references ancient mythology. In early Greek tradition a half-human and half-bird creature symbolises the perils of these catastrophic activities. Harpies is a subtle reminder that despite our ability to measure and record nature’s might, mastering its power exceeds our limits.

Courtesy and  ©Chris Tille and Renée Pfister, Harpyien 6, 2017,  fine  art print on canvas, H2400 mm x W 6400 mm, limited edition  of  6  and  2 AP.  

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