Viktoriia Lysenko, Director of Victoria Museum Kiev, Ukraine 
"In September 2016, after I had found the physical space for my future museum and had decided on its refurbishment, I started to search for a course that would strengthen my professional competency in curation and museum management. Renée Pfister, a former curator of the British Museum (one of my favourite museums in London) was recommended to me.

Her one-week intensive individually tailored course exceeded my expectations. Over the next few months I often revisited the materials  Renée had provided, absorbed further information and details, which were translated into practice at my museum. I have since attended other educational programmes in museology and curating, but my first experience with Renée was, and remains, the most beneficial and productive.

I thank Renée  not only for her contribution to my professional knowledge, I am also grateful that she attended the opening of the Victoria Museum on 30  May 2017, as well as for our ongoing friendship.

If you would like to achieve an ambitious and challenging museum or art project, I highly recommend Renée Pfister”.

С уважением, Виктория Лысенко.
“Renée Pfister is an excellent adult education course leader, guest lecturer and mentor to our postgraduate students here at City University. Her expertise in the areas of the art market, artist management and museums and gallery management makes her a valued colleague in the Centre for Cultural Policy and Management. Student’s feedback continues to praise Renée for her enthusiasm, knowledge and its applicability in the real world of private and public art galleries.”

Sir Anthony Caro, Sculptor, London, UK
“I highly recommend Renée for ventures that require hard work and project management with an insight into the workings of the art world. She showed exceptional ability in organisational and communication skills with a drive to make things happen.”

Dr. Corinna Riva, London, UK
“I have known Renée Pfister professionally for over 16 years; during this time, her professional roles have ranged from working as a curator at the British Museum, as a Registrar at Tate to acting as Exhibition Strategist to the sculptor Sir Anthony Caro. She has always delivered projects for the museums and art world to high standards, on time, to budget and with a smile.”

Janet Rady Fine Art, London, UK
“A highly professional service with the personal touch. Renée Pfister's extensive experience in the art world gives her a true advantage over others in the business.”

Robson Outeiro, Project Manager, Emporio, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
“Seventy art critics and members of the Paulista Association of Art Critics (APCA), São Paulo had chosen ‘A Bigger Splash - British Art 1960-2003’, from the Tate Collection as the best international exhibition in ten categories. The exhibition was recognized and awarded as the best international exhibition in 2003 in Brazil. The collaboration with Renée Pfister and her team and the team I coordinated was extremely important in enabling this memorable exhibition.

Riven Gallery, London UK
“Renée Pfister is a highly accomplished, charming and informative art consultant. Riven Gallery had the pleasure of hosting Renée at the exhibition A Culture of Humanity where she gave a gallery talk on the body of works from a personal, a political and an artistic perspective. Her lecture showcased Renee's acute attention to detail. With her engaging manner she was able to place the works within their sociopolitical context whilst maintaining a sense of personal intimacy and engagement with the audience. It is a great pleasure working with Renée and I highly recommend her services.”

Jacqueline Maguire, MA Museum and Gallery Management, 2000 - 2001, London, UK
“I've known Renee or over 10 years and have always been impressed by her commitment to the arts and culture in the UK both as an artist and a teacher. I admire her approach to teaching and the access and exposure she facilitates for her students to the range of artists and cultural practitioners’ in London - from visits to the Tate Store to illuminating evenings with small-scale gallery owners on the realities of being part of London's cultural mix.”

Peter Wong, Company Director and a Charity Trustee, London, UK
“In the many years that I have known Renée, she has always impressed me with her efficient and professional manner, an approach that truly inspires the confidence that I have always had in her ability and capability.”

Dr. Clare Finn, ACR, London, UK
“It is my experience of working with Renée that she always pays great attention to detail in any project she is involved in and is able to give hugely practical advice.”

Art Professional from a private Art Foundation, London, UK
“Working with Renée Pfister is a real pleasure because she brings her knowledge and experience to the forefront with a high level of professionalism and integrity that is a testament to her character and her commitment to achieve success.” 

Senior Museum Professional, London, UK
“Renée brought to our project her energy, her enthusiasm and her commitment to see it through. She is not a nine to five person, gives 100%, and her dynamism is infectious.”

Senior Curator, London, UK
“Renée possesses a unique range of skills which she can place at the disposal of clients. As an artist, a very experienced museum curator and a businesswoman, she is familiar with all aspects of museum and gallery exhibition work, whether aesthetic, curatorial, legal or practical, and she has an international network of personal contacts in the field.”

Senior Curator, London, UK
“Renée brings imagination, creativity and intelligence to her work. She is considered in her planning and dynamic in the delivery of projects.”

Senior Museum Professional, New York, USA
“I have had the pleasure to work alongside Renée at two museums, and more broadly as a colleague in the field for many years. She is a very talented registrar and fine arts management expert. Renée is sensible and practical, but also creative; she is attentive to details yet able to look at entire situations. I would recommend her to anyone who needs collections, displays, or exhibition tours organized with care and skill.“

A Senior Registrar, New York, USA
“Renée Pfister is a museum professional with a vast amount of experience and a great commitment to her projects. I have had the pleasure of working with her on several occasions in the past and have always found her work to be superlative.”
A Senior Conservator from a National Museum in Ottawa, Canada
“I worked with Renée Pfister during an installation at the Museum Dolores Olmedo Patiño, Mexico City, for a major exhibition entitled 'Henry Moore in Mexico', for which a large number of works were shipped from Europe and North America. Upon arrival in Mexico City a problem with the customs authorities occurred. She solved the issues with remarkable diplomacy and the installation could be completed on time.”

Private Collector, Frankfurt am Main, Germany
“Renée Pfister is competent, discrete and precise in the areas of contemporary and modern art and antiquities.”

Private Collector, London, UK
“As an art collector I have had the benefit and pleasure of knowing Renée Pfister for many years. She resigned from the Tate Gallery, London, after many years of service. Since then, she has been using her extensive knowledge of the arts and crafts world, advising collectors and artists on how to professionally enter the gallery world and building a distinct collection. She is still teaching and lecturing at City University, London. We can highly recommend her.”

Jeff Lowe, Sculptor, London, UK
“Having worked with Renée Pfister on several projects it is evident that she has a wealth of experience to draw on. Her museum and galleries background makes her perfectly placed to help with all aspects of projects both public and private. She has the expertise to help with career development, proposals for exhibitions and in making contact with the individuals and organisations needed to implement ideas and proposals at a high level. Her energy, commitment and enthusiasm for art and exhibitions would make her an asset to anyone needing help within a vast range of art development.”

Trustee of a Not-for-Profit Organisation, London, UK
“Renée Pfister was the driving force behind our project. She made it happen! Thank you for all your hard work and steering us along the right path.”

Pip Dickens, Artist & Lecturer in Fine Art - Painting at Lancaster University
"I have worked with Renée Pfister since August 2012 when I was a full time professional art practitioner based in Leeds. I am now a Fine Art Lecturer at Lancaster University and my painting practice continues. In this regard our association has been essential in that Renée represents my practice not only in London but beyond and is well placed (professionally and geographically) to broker new opportunities and clients. Renee’s background is blue-chip in that she has worked for Tate, London, taking responsibility for major exhibitions travelling to overseas destinations and participated at an exchange programme with MoMA, New York.  Above and beyond the professional attributes required, Renée is a pleasant, exacting and highly organised business person always engaged, completely reliable and downright honest. As a busy professional artist I need someone whom I can rely on and trust without question – without question this is Renée Pfister". 

Senior Museum Professional, London, UK
“Working with Renée Pfister is a stimulating experience. She is unconventional, creative, hard-working - often finding solutions to problems in unexpected ways. Her experience is wide-ranging, and she is daring in trying out new approaches, not tied to customary practice. Her background is sound, with a good grounding in financial and legal matters, with a strong dash of art and art-related experience.”