The Power of Art #94 Ana Herter ‘Forest Fires’

Ana Herter is a Rio de Janeiro-based artist, exploring the effects of forest fires on nature in her oeuvre.


The Power of Art #93 Marcus Hodge 'Breaking the Cycle'

Marcus Hodge series 'Breaking the Cycle' was inspired by a trip to Varanasi and many previous to India.


The Power of Art #92 Anne Harild ' A Space For Moving The Wimd'

The series of works titled “A Space for” have been created by Anne Harild using concrete and wooden textures and the aged yellowing paper from old Japanese books.


The Power of Art #91 Bongsu Park 'Dream Auction'

Bongsu Park's work is hovering between the traditional, sculptural, performative, and collaborative realm, exploring how our innermost feelings and thoughts may connect with others and can be shared publicly.


A Moveable Feast - An Exhibition By Emma Witter

We are pleased to invite you to - a moveable feast - an exhibition by Emma Witter


The Power of Art #90 Michael Roberts 'Emperor'

Michael Roberts’s painterly quest led him to the Chicago Imagists who emerged in Chicago in the mid-1960s. Their works were hugely influential on his artistic practice, where bright colours, bold lines, bizarre objects, and extremely stylised portrayals of the human figure dominated the visual vernacular.

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