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26 Aug
The Power of Art # 85 Cecilia Bullo 'I was once a Liminal Daughter'

With the sculpture 'I was once a Liminal Daughter', Cecilia Bullo conveys the subject of sacrifice.

19 Aug
The Power of Art #84 Jeff Lowe ‘Queen’

Jeff Lowe’s work has often been described as one of contrasts.

05 Aug
The Power of Art #83 Stephanie Smart ‘Symphony of Stars’

Today we present Stephanie Smart work, Symphony of Stars - the train of a court dress, commissioned for the Music Room at The Royal Pavilion, Brighton.

04 Aug
Unnamed Heroines - Beat Kuert - Artist in Focus - August 2022

For millennia, women across cultures have been admired, celebrated, and feared, idealised as muses, depicted as ideals of beauty, and worshipped as goddesses, along with being bearers of life. his nostalgia is in direct contrast with the hardship and suffering many females have experienced; even nowadays, there are still deep-rooted inequalities between the sexes.

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