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29 Oct
A Moveable Feast - An Exhibition By Emma Witter

We are pleased to invite you to - a moveable feast - an exhibition by Emma Witter

28 Oct
The Power of Art #92 Michael Roberts 'Emperor'

Michael Roberts’s painterly quest led him to the Chicago Imagists who emerged in Chicago in the mid-1960s. Their works were hugely influential on his artistic practice, where bright colours, bold lines, bizarre objects, and extremely stylised portrayals of the human figure dominated the visual vernacular.

13 Oct
The Power of Art #91 Velvet Zoe Ramos 'Broken Home'

The idea or concept of a broken home came to Ramos when she reflected on the permanency of her family home in Aruba.

06 Oct
Rituals & Remnant - Emma Witter - Artist in Focus - October 2022

The British artist Emma Witter is a prolific found object and material collector. Her studio contains boxes filled with bones, glass, ceramics, feathers, fish skin, and many other novelties.

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