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Natural Death Salon
Fragile The event explores works of art that can be linked to dying, death and loss. With talks by Ursula Deniflee and Renée Pfister
05 Feb

At this informal event we explore various topics surrounding the human fascination with mortality. Ursula Deniflee and Renée Pfister examine and discuss contemporary art practice that we feel is intricately linked to the themes of death, dying and loss. Difficult to articulate, we rely on creative expressions by artists which can touch us in a profound way.

Mustapha Amnaine
Caligraphy, Morocco, Untitled, 2015 Mixed media on paper H400 mm x W400 mm
01 Feb
Freely Scribbled - Artist in Focus - Mustapha Amnaine - February 2016

Artist in Focus is a programme by Renée Pfister Art & Gallery Consultancy promoting the works of artists the consultancy is regularly involved with.

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