Contemporary Artists

The career of an artist demands careful and particular management. My experience from working directly with several of the world’s greatest living artists has given me a good insight in how to enhance the career of an artist. I can help contemporary artists with writing art business strategies and plans, researching exhibitions and galleries, identifying the scope of art commissions and drafting funding proposals. The day-to-day running of the studio as well as managing exhibitions, loans and the collection can be time consuming. I am in a position to review work processes and advise on procedures and best international standards and practices.

Curation and exhibition proposals, as well as writing essays and captions for exhibitions and loans are additional services. My large international network of contacts can help to assist artists in partnership development between museums, public art galleries and collectors.

  • career analysis & strategy for up-coming and mid-career artists
  • partnership development & introduction
  • commissions
  • curation & exhibition management
  • studio & storage requirements
  • management of the estate of deceased artists

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Powder Coated Steel, No. 1.

Jeff Lowe,  Powder Coated Steel No. 1, 2009, 750 x 660 x 420 mm. Courtesy and ©Jeff Lowe

Art Galleries

Contemporary Art Galleries are key players in the International Art Market. Consequently strategic programming, profile enhancement and partnership development are vital to their success and growth. My work with leading museums and galleries spanning Europe, the Americas, Middle East and Asia gives me an international reach when discussing new collaborations and partnerships.

Understanding the needs and requests of an up-coming Contemporary Art Gallery allows me to give advice on daily operations and long term planning as well as assisting with negotiations for exhibitions, acquisition and site specific installations. I am also in a position to arrange curatorial talks for educational and special events.

  • strategic programming & profile enhancement
  • partnership development & introduction
  • art fair & collectors management
  • curation & exhibition management

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Beam, 2008, resin painting

Peter Zimmermann, Beam, 2008, epoxy resin on canvas, 1000 x 350 mm.  Courtesy and ©Peter Zimmermann


Museums are the custodians of significant art, archaeological, historic and scientific collections making them available for public viewing through exhibitions and displays. One of their core functions is to collect and care for objects and works of art for future generations. 
My longstanding experience in working in different fields at the British Museum, Tate Gallery, Museum of Modern Art and Science Museum enables me to provide a number of services. I can be contracted as a Registrar to manage a specific project, advise on display requirements, collection management and exhibitions and their tours as well as offering guidance in drafting policies and procedures.

  • loans, exhibition & collection management
  • partnership development & introduction
  • policies & procedures
  • corporate partnership development

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Dick Bixby, Crypto Series, painting

Dick Bixby, Crypto series, 2004, oil on 12oz cotton duck,750 x 900 mm. Courtesy and  ©Dick Bixby Estate

Corporate Collections & Private Collections

Holding a collection of preeminent works of art and antiquities requires careful management. An art or antiquities collection conveys and reflects the image and brand of a company, a corporation or a high profile individual as well as giving pleasure and stimulation to clients, business partners, visitors and employees. My experience can help clients to utilize their collection to promote their brand, cultivate their stakeholder relationships, associate with their clients and invigorate their staff.

My broad background and contacts in the international art world allow me to advise on the development of a strategic acquisition-collection policy as well as managing the collection to current museum standards.

  • acquisitions & commissions
  • auction services
  • loans, exhibition & collection management
  • registration & documentation
  • conservation, packing, insurance, courier & installation requirements & supervision
  • management of the estate of deceased collectors

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Guo Hongwei, A big Leaf, painting, childhood, playing, hide and seek

Guo Hongwei,  A big Leaf, 2007, oil on canvas, 1000 x 1500 mm. Courtesy and ©Guo Hongwei and Riven Gallery

Other Services

Handling complicated and extensive exhibitions tours and art fairs are an aspect of my expertise. I understand international customs regulations and can organise packing, transport and insurance cover.

I have worked on both the client side and with an international fine art shipping business. As a result shipping and logistic companies can seek my assistance in the run-up to busy periods to avoid any delays. In addition, I can offer introductions to a network of international registrars to expand their client base.

  • project management
  • business development

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Hanibal Srouji, Cage Bleu, painting.

Hanibal Srouji, Cage Bleu, 2006, acrylic & fire on canvas, 730 x 730 x 20 mm. Courtesy and ©Hanibal Srouji and Janet Rady Fine Art

My individual, dedicated service means that all projects are handled with the utmost discretion, to international museums codes and fine art practice. Experience, knowledge and attention to detail are key elements. Please get in touch to see how I can help you with your requirements. All these services are bespoke and chargeable as agreed in advance.