Artist in Focus - Neda Dana-Haeri - November 2014


Neda Dana-Haeri's art is inspired by Persian poetry and Sufi philosophy. Her work reflects narratives of the past, myths and stories that change with time, and yet carry with them the unconscious emotions affecting our daily life.

Colourscape is the story of a journey inspired by the allegory of the Conference of the Birds, a poem by the twelve century Persian poet and philosopher, Farid-Uddin Attar. He described how a group of birds embark on a mission to find the legendary Phoenix, the symbol of eternal rebirth. To achieve this they must pass through seven valleys: Quest, Love, Knowledge, Independence, Detachment and Unity, Bewilderment, and finally Liberation. 

In this series Dana-Haeri depicts each valley, utilising colour and feather motifs to evoke either the birds or the space they find themselves in, allowing the viewers to participate in this voyage, becoming travellers themselves.

Neda Dana-Haeri was born in Iran. She studied Psychology and Fine Art and lives and works in London. Her work has been exhibited and published widely. Since September 2014 she is artist in residence at Griffis Art Centre, Connecticut, USA. 

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Vadi of Quest, (from the series Colourscape, the Conference of the Birds) 2012
Etching on Somerset paper, edition of 3 EV, 1 AP
H500 x W500 mm