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Artist in Focus - Soon Yul Kang - September 2014

Soon Yul Kang combines far-eastern mysticism with her passion for bright colours in an attempt to reflect that the whole is made-up of the sum of its parts.  She works with circular and rectangular shapes and creates a balancing contrast with her swirling metamorphosis of elemental colours. Acrylic paints, letters and paper are utilised to create texture, movement and depth. She painstakingly positions tiny fragments of paper producing a kind of sedimentation of layers. Her works have a Zen-like simplicity making reference to harmony and tranquility to affirm her ongoing exploration into the duality of opposing elements in nature.

Renée Pfister, September 2014


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Soon Yul Kang
Harmony, 2012
Acrylic on paper
H455 mm x W475 mm

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