Artist in Focus - Christina Eberhart - August 2014

Christina Eberhart’s art responds to contemporary life and is informed by her surroundings. She engages with the positive and negative influences of technology as well as the state of being continuously logged into our on-line devices which control our being.

Paper is a traditional and an ancient medium used in art and lends itself well to convey the fractured and the layered impressions. Her geometrical facial expressions weave a beautiful interplay of a mystifying nature – so defined and yet so animated. Aside from the immaculate outlines and the distinctive features these depictions embody joyfulness presented in a serene ambience. Eberhart’s simple silhouettes accentuate faces without depth; they confiscate a dimension and causing her imagery to be flat and consequently more dominant.

Renée Pfister, August 2014


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Christina Eberhart
Untitled, 2013
H450 mm x W330  mm


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