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Persian Poetic Art - Artist in Focus - Neda Dana-Haeri & Tajalli Keshavarz - April 2016

Persian Poetic Art has long been practised, focusing on the country's rich history. Often artists have  explored the relationships between human beings, abstract concepts,  illusive myths and nature. These expressions blend flowing words and vibrating depictions in a momentary fluidity. The collaboration of Neda Dana-Haeri and Tajalli Keshavarz resulted in the  publication, Unbound Expressions, bringing  Dana-Haeri's painterly abstractions and Keshavarz's poems together.

Dana-Haeri creates layers of coloured textures which reflect and refract the mythological, philosophical and emotional world of Sufi poets. Her paintings, whether on canvas, paper or raw wood are combined with other materials, conveying simplicity and beauty.  They are contrasted by Keshavarz's  poetic language which presents a  mixture of structured and chaotic moments. His boundless expressions are a journey through life decanting the essence of continuous change.  Ephemeral and fragile -  embraced by fluctuant winds, capturing long gone memories - forever -. Dana-Haeri and Keshavarz  invite viewers to join them on a journey that is constantly renewed, to witness this infinite realm.

Neda Dana-Haeri was born in Iran and has been living in England since 1977. She studied Psychology and Fine Arts and currently lives and works in London. She has exhibited widely and produced numerous publications. Osborne Samuel Gallery, London, 2013; Passages, Barbican Library, London, 2014; House On Fire, 2014; artsLIVE_ A Persian Experience, Exhibition and Artist Talk,  Lyman Allyn Museum, New London, CT, USA, 2014; This One Time, Griffis Art Center, New London, CT, USA, 2014.

Tajalli Keshavarz was born in Iran and educated as a Chemical Engineer. After several years working at a petroleum refinery as a process manager, he moved to the UK in 1978, resuming his studies in Biochemical Engineering. While continuing his career as a Professor of Biotechnology, he published two novels in English: Two Cups of Coffee and As the Sea Grows Old. In addition, he also released two books with a selection of his poetry in Persian: Lotus and the Bird and Fleeting Images.


© Neda Dana-Haeri, Tajalli Keshavarz and Renée Pfister, 2016


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Neda Dana-Haeri
The Sun-drop, 2012
Acrylic and ink on paper
H300 mm x W210 mm  

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