Liliom 2013, oil on canvas, H408  mm x W405 mm

Artist in Focus - Pip Dickens - May 2014

Pip Dickens is a painter concerned with visual perception, in particular, examining and challenging theories and methodologies of light and movement within the second dimension. Concepts of illusion and double meaning are recurring themes in her work - the notion that we may receive contrasting visual or intellectual responses to a single stimulant.  Her paintings often juxtapose conventional painting techniques with innovative methods to create unusual surfaces, layers and textures. Depth and surface contrasts are particularly important. She identifies specific qualities and has absorbed them into her painting practice.  The result is a refreshed approach to what painting is and what it can be both in its broadest and most specific sense – of layering and masking, superimposition, of colour tints and tones, light emanation and the guillotine-like cut edges of film stock. Dicken's represents these through the medium of oil paint.  The stretcher becomes the screen - a window or ‘portal’ - and a final comparison is made that painting, like film, is all about illusion. 

Renée Pfister, May 2014

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Pip Dickens
Liliom, 2014
Oil on canvas
H408 mm x W405 mm


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