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City University London, the Business of the Visual Arts

The Curating and Exhibition Management short course introduces and analyses key issues concerning the development and successful execution of exhibitions and is organised around a series of unique presentations and site visits delivered by the course tutor. Guest lecturers also speak about current curatorial practices and exhibition management.

Exhibitions are core activities in museums and art galleries. The curation of museum collections and contemporary art in combination with important international loans offer varying presentations of artworks by a particular artist, a group of artists, one genre, one theme, or a particular collection. Exhibitions are conceived by curators and organised in collaboration with other institutions, exhibition organisers and exhibition registrars.

This curating and Exhibition Management evening course is designed for individuals interested in working in this area or who may have attended the The Business of the Visual Arts course. Students will learn how to engage within the industry to better prepare and equip themselves with the professional skills needed to develop and manage successful exhibitions to embark on an exciting career in Exhibition Management.


Course Leader
Renée Pfister 
has built an esteemed and longstanding career as a consultant, curator, registrar and business development manager in the art world.

She was part of the curatorial team at the British Museum where she was involved in realising major projects such as the Great Court and the Weston Gallery of Roman-Britain. At the Tate Gallery she worked as a Registrar from 1999 to 2005, and was responsible for managing acquisitions and ground-breaking international exhibitions from the Tate’s collection.

She also participated in a Registrars’ exchange programme at the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) in New York, wrote a chapter for the Routledge publication ‘Understanding International Art Markets & Management’ and worked for the late Sir Anthony Caro as an advisor.

Since 2010 she has run her own art and gallery consultancy. She offers support to gallery owners new in the business and career mentoring services to emerging and mid-career artists. In addition, she teaches at City University, Lancaster University, South London Arts Forum and Sotheby’s Institute of Art.

Guest Speakers 
Janet Rady
holds a Masters Degree in Islamic Art History from the University of Melbourne and a BA from the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London.  She is a member of the Arab British Chamber of Commerce and sits on the Advisory Council of Caravan Arts.  Janet is also the Hon Lectures Secretary for the Iran Society, on the Editorial Board of the Middle East in London magazine, and a Judge for the Edinburgh Iranian Festival Art Prize.  She is an Expert for Auctionata and Head of Development at ArtBahrain. Janet has recently edited the book “33 Artists… 33 Islands… A Kingdom of Art”… a comprehensive survey of the artists of Bahrain
Nadia Stamselberg

Dr Nadja Stamselberg is a visiting lecturer in cultural studies at Regent’s University, London. She is interested in identity, politics and art. She has worked as a researcher on a long running project on News and Liveness. Her most recent publication (with Dr Juliet Steyn) is Breaching Borders: Art , Migrants and the Metaphor of Waste, London & New York: IBTauris, 2014.

Rosemary Clunie

Rosemary Clunie is a painter, printmaker, video artist and has also been head of advertising sales at Galleries magazine since 1993. She was born in Scotland, lives in Hampstead, and grew up in Aden, Dakar, Kirkcaldy, Lagos, St Germain-en-Laye and Winchester. She has 2 honours degrees, one in Economics and one in Sociology, from the University of Warwick.

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