Poretzky‐Lee’s - Transition installation

Genie Poretzky-Lee at Lotus Studio, London

Genie Poretzky-Lee’s latest installation Transition – the endless knot. carries metaphysical connotations; like many of her works it echoes her ongoing engagement with the spiritual world. To her, ‘seeking meaning’ be it personal questions or universal matters, and conveying the unavoidable omnipresence of chance are of utmost significance. Her recent knot installation symbolises time without end, a concept that originates in the Buddhist tradition. Always around us and within us, the cycle of life, shared fragments of ancestral and collective memories and at most the human desire for connectedness, Poretzky-Lee metaphorically facilitates these variables that influence everything we do. 

Poretzky‐Lee’s current installation Transition – the endless knot invites visitors to interact by tying their responses to her art work, thereby connecting with ‘gnosis’ and ‘the passage of time’.

©Renée Pfister

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