Private Collector

It is always a privilege when a private collector requests me to assess his/her carefully over years gathered treasures. Not only do I have access to viewing rarely seen art works and antiquities at their residence, in most cases I meet the owner/s. This provides me with an opportunity to engage, to converse and to attain a glimpse into their lives.

I have come across collections which were inherited and passed on to family members with new acquisitions added as well as collections that commenced from desire and a passion for art.  Often collections narrate personal stories, family history and reflect the taste and interests of the collector.    

My range of integrated services allows me to provide collectors with advice on the development of a coherent and meaningful acquisition-collection policy as well as managing their collections to current museum standards

My individual, dedicated service means that all projects are handled with the utmost discretion, to international museums codes and fine art practice. Experience, knowledge and attention to detail are key elements. Please get in touch to see how I can help you with your requirements. All these services are bespoke and chargeable as agreed in advance.