Summer Highlights - August 2021



The production phase of Solaris Nexum has been completed and the work has now been safely delivered to the Central Quad at the new Technical University Dublin building. An extensive team of architects, structural engineers, hoist specialist and abseilers have been coordinating the finer details of the installation with Alexandra and they are now ready to move to the final stage. Solaris Nexum will be installed in August, with a formal inauguration planned for early 2022, covid permitting. 


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What do we know (anyway)? was a series of eventful public gatherings that took place across a week, pulling together aspects of  practice, and situating them within the context of Bloc Projects, Sheffield. The exhibition took place from 10 July until 21July,  and presented works by students and teachers encountered through formal educational relationships: those that have taught them, and those that they have taught, all of whom, they say, they have learnt from. The exhibition was an enquiry into what it means to know, and what it is, if anything, do artists know. It aimed to visualise some of the collisions that make up systems of knowledge and to offer an opportunity to walk through what knots knot knots, as Donna Haraway has put it.
Over 70 — teachers, peers, colleagues, friends, and students — contributed something that they either own or have personally made.

The Painter and Lecturer in Fine Art, Pip Dickens presented a painting that resulted from a Leverhulme Residency research trip to Kyoto, Japan.  The painting The Offing, was influenced by Jun'ichirō Tanizaki's essay on Japanese aesthetics: 'In Praise of Shadows' which was recommended to her by the prominent British architect, Ken Shuttleworth (creator of the famous Gherkin building) when working on a commission for his firm, Make Architects.  Pip, in turn, has recommended and used aspects of Tanizaki's reflections in her teaching and paintings for many years.

Courtesy and ©Pip Dickens, Bloc Projects and Renée Pfister Art & Gallery Consultancy 2021. All rights reserved.



Chris Tille’s photography is about much more than just the pure beauty of fleeting natural phenomena. His visions contemplate major topics affecting humanity, including history, science, and religion. His photographic cycles are characterised by an intensive scrutiny of certain astronomical events, which he visualises using painstaking techniques


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Art is sexy! Art is money-sexy! Art is money-sexy-social-climbing-fantastic!
Thomas Hoving


Throughout the ages, art and money have always been closely coupled; they are in love with each other but sleep in different beds. Art as an asset class can go up and down like any other commodity. Individuals operating in the art market participate for different reasons, depending on their personalities, preferences, ambitions and views. 

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