The Joy Of What We Do #38 'International Loans'


For many institutions, both lending and borrowing are important, emphasising the joint benefits from reciprocal access to artworks or antiquities in other organisations. It is an economic way to display objects in a new meaningful context, presenting temporary juxtapositions in a totality normally unavailable to the public in any of the participating institutions.

The administration of loans demands attention to detail and the process itself must start long before the exhibition opens, as a matter of fact, museums expect at least nine months’ notification for international requests and six months’ notice for national applications. Loan requests can be declined due to short notice, high costs, the requested item/s might not be available or too fragile to travel or certain terms aimand conditions cannot be met.


Images: Courtesy and ©Hong Kong Museum of Costal Defence and Renée Pfister Art & Gallery Consultancy 2021. 

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