A Perfect Match - Artist in Focus - Afsoon - November 2016

A Perfect Match, Made in Heaven II, 2008 Matchbox with photo-etching H25 mm x W120 mm x D60 mm
Afsoon's  paintings and objects often present memories from the past -  the time when she lived in Iran. Her visual narratives are a form of storytelling and provide a glimpse into her personality, her quirky sense of  humour and wit. With her  Matchbox  series, she not only frolics with these two particular  words, which have so many meanings. She also invites visitors to engage with her work, pairing people according to their looks and what they say. Will it be a love match or a mismatch? Socially and culturally, her matchboxes reflect on the importance to some women to become wives, following a continuing tradition in contrast to other existing liberal notions.
Nowadays, matchboxes are perceived as being old-fashioned.  We never know what we may find inside. Time and again, they contain a surprise element.....  burnt matches, a child's tooth, a set of hairpins, a button or some coins, and other small memorabilia – possibly expressing Afsoons sentimental yearning for the happiness of a former place and time. 
Afsoon was born in Iran, where she lived until the age of seventeen. After a brief stay in the United Kingdom she moved to the United States, where she attained a BA in Media & Communication with an emphasis on Cinematography, from the Fresno State University. Subsequently she worked in an art gallery in San Francisco, before she began travelling around India, Mexico and Guatemala, Afsoon eventually settled in London, where she  embarked on a journey of re-discovering her  artistic potential.

Her prolific career includes exhibitions with  Shirin Gallery, New York, in 2016; and the Hafiz Gallery, Jeddah and Haleh Gallery, Munich in 2015. The 127 Gallery, Marrakech, Morocco, presented the works she made during her residency in Marrakech, in 2013. She exhibited further with Xerxes Gallery, London, in 2011, and the LTMH Gallery, New York,  USA, in 2010;  Osborne Samuel Gallery, in 2009, and Green Cardamom and Asia House, London, in 2008. She also participated at the Marrakesh Biennale, Morocco, the International Graphic Art Biennale, Split, Croatia and Ljubljana.

Her works are held  in private and public collections, such as the British Museum, London; La Fondation Pierre Berge, Paris, France; Sabanci Collection, Istanbul, Turkey; SPM. Salsali Private Museum, UAE and the Farjam Collection, UEA.

©Afsoon and Renée Pfister, with the assistance of Laurianne Simonin, 2016. All rights reserverd.

For further information about Afsoon's work contact  [email protected]
Made in Heaven II, 2008
Matchbox with photo-etching
H25 mm x W120 mm x D60 mm