The Power of Art #15 'Annabel Dover'


When Annabel Dover was thirteen, her father already gone, her mother left home to live in Athens, and never returned. Her research at the British School at Athens focused on the Finlay Museum whilst retracing her mother's steps in Athens, from her letters; making drawings, paintings and three-dimensional objects that responded to the discarded human traces she found in the city. 

The designer Phillipe Stark remarked that to understand a city you must first look in its rubbish bins. In a series of three-dimensional works, Dover utilised the crumbs of gold leaf she found outside the Hotel des Anglais, Syntagma Square, leftover by the hotel’s recent ironwork gilding. She made everyday objects akin to the dice, coins and shells found in the Ancient Athenian Agora Museum, out of jesmonite and then gilded them with the found gold leaf and scattered these in the Ancient Agora to photograph them in situ.

'City Plaza I’, 2017, C-type print,  H594 mm x W841 mm.         

Courtesy and ©Annabel Dover and  Renée Pfister 2020. All rights reserved.

#personalnarratives #artistinfocus #finlaymuseum #retracingsteps #threesomensionalobjects
#ancientagora #hoteldesanglais #syntagmasquare #goldleaf #athenian #jesmonite #annabeldover #reneepfisterartconsultancy #artforever


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