The Power of Art #16 Jim Grundy

Grundy’s paintings are inspired by the relationship between the colours and patterns found in the natural and built environment. The compositions are developed using mathematical processes including symmetry, reflection and rotation. The interaction between chance and control is a significant factor in the development of each work. The chance element is to allow the painting to evolve and build up layers instinctively, letting gravity dictate the flow in a similar way to the process of sedimentation. The control element involves precise preliminary drawings usually mapped out on graph paper then projected and transferred onto the paint surface. In time the balance between the colour intensity, shape, size and texture of each element crystallises.

His paintings can appear to be in the tradition of hard-edged geometric abstraction but the contrast between the fluid surfaces and areas of intense colour and their relationships are rooted in observation of the real world.


'Correspondence No.4’, 2018, Acrylic on paper, H480 mm x W480 mm.         

Courtesy and ©Jim Grundy and Renée Pfister 2020. All rights reserved.


#artwork #artistinfocus #naturalenvironment #colours #patterns #symmetry #reflectionandrotation #crystallizingelements #artofnature #paintingsofnature
#colourintensity #reneepfisterartconsultancy #jimgrundy


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