The Power of Art #21 Francisco Roza

With an endless scope for investigation and material explorations, Roza's oeuvre offers an immersive quality and tease our senses. Untitled, 2014 a rectangular sculpture gives the impression of being a bookshelf filled with literary works. He utilises laminated floorboard sections, which extend onto each individual step of the gallery, creating an unexpected effect.  The imitative nature is determined by particular materials and result in distortions, oscillating between two- and three-dimensionality. Only at second glance does this work reveal its fragile and deceptive nature, verifying that the components are not what they appear to be. With this delicate structure Roza illustrates his vision and desire to examine and interpret an aesthetic and sculptural state in the spatial context. 


Francisco Roza, ‘Untitled’, 2014, installation view, Galerie Gilla Lörcher, Berlin, dimensions variable.

Courtesy and ©Francisco Roza, Galerie Gilla Lörcher, Berlin and Renée Pfister 2020.

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