The Joy Of What We Do #26

Obviously, any potential acquisitions have to be carefully researched. Due diligence must be exercised by relevant curators to ensure the artefacts or artworks in consideration have not been stolen or trafficked, and that the individuals possessing the title are the rightful owners. The authenticity must be certified to prevent fakes or forgeries from entering the museum’s collections.  This process can be painstakingly slow when candidates in question are offered with restrictions, have doubtful provenances and legitimacy.  Curators and external third parties work closely to avoid any legal consequences,  protecting the museum's reputation. Acquiring contemporary art directly from the artist studio, a gallery, or dealership is usually more straight-forward. It may involve discussions about technical issues, conservation and display requirements, licences, copyright, morale rights and the levy of import VAT and customs duties. 


Courtesy and ©Anselm Kiefer, White Cube and Renée Pfister 2021.

Image: Anselm Kiefer exhibition at White Cube Bermondsey.


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