The Power of Art #31 Neil Douglas

New York, a city filled with contradictions that can overwhelm and fascinate. Its historic and sleek modern skyline has grown to its proportions from its early Dutch and British settlements to an international capital of finance, commerce and culture.

The city’s urban environment is an ongoing stimulus for Douglas’ paintings. Grids of New York’s midtown skyscrapers, water towers and streets lined with vehicles and a few inhabitants, seem to be frozen in time. These distinctive realist paintings succeed in contemplating scenes of solitude and stillness, capturing the characteristic architecture of the Big Apple. 

Delicate harmonies of paint express the lonely mood of his subject matter. Douglas’ cityscapes focus primarily on quiet moments, employing a form of realism that expresses his sensibility for the city’s monumental structures.


Midtown Night, 2020, oil on canvas, H1250 mm x W1250 mm

Courtesy and ©Neil Douglas and Renée Pfister, 2021.


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