The Power of Art #33 'Velvet Zoe Ramos'


Ramos deliberately utilises objects from domestic environments to create casual and homely impressions. To amplify their significance, she engages in performances where she becomes the narrator, setting a visual stage. The scenarios often present daily survival and socioeconomic and ecological issues, where audiences become either onlookers or participants. Their action or non-action refers to the human behaviour of the witness and bystander.

Her latest work, What many don't know what many don't see……, addresses the survival of people during the COVID-19 pandemic. In a sterile and lifeless room, we come across moulded bread plates hung at various levels, indicating the inequality and accessibility to food.  These bread plates are to be served to individuals at an imaginary table. Both chairs are occupied by overturned withered roots, preventing the invitees from taking a seat. Some of the connected bread plates have crumbled and collapsed under their weight, representing those that were failed by the system. - We are all connected in this worldwide crisis, but many communities are not supported and sustained -. 
Special thanks to Ateliers 89, Irvin Aguilar, Elvis Lopes, Lupita Bernabella, petit Greens Aruba and all my fellow artists in the 3D installation workshop. 


What many don't know, what many don't see……, 2020 
Bread in the shape of plates, nylon wire, wicker chairs, plant roots and soil
Dimensions variable 


Courtesy and ©Velvet Zoe Ramos and Renée Pfister, 2021.

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