The Power of Art #63 Gender Fluidity

His artistic practice also involves a cross disciplinary approach, creating contemporary embroideries and installations. Always central to his work are questions relating to gender and identity. His vernacular includes stylised elongated figures engaged in tease and seduction, whilst orchid blossoms, and male genitalia symbolise sexual orientation and erotic desires. He is focusing on otherness with an emphasis on the fluid nature of sexual attraction. As we familiarise ourselves with Dário's hybrid creatures ¬ we notice that humans have become cross-dressed semi animals¬ acting as intermediaries to influence and to mend outdated attitudes and prejudices.

Dario attempts to contribute to the ongoing discourse of the LGBT equality, imaginatively challenging traditional and outdated views.  Surprising, amusing, and at times shocking, these playful illustrations bring to light fantasies of human conduct.

Leandro Dário lives and works in São Paulo, Brazila. His work is held in private collections in Brazil and the USA.

Cultivo orgânico de pitombas, 2012, site specific digital drawing, printed on vinyl sticker on tile and nankin ink on urinol, Oficina Cultural Oswald de Andrade, São Paulo/SP – Brazil, dimensions variable.

Emancipação, 2016, digital drawing printed on fine art 100% cotton canvas, H1400 mm x W2300 mm, edition of 10.

Courtesy and ©Leandro Dario and Renée Pfister, 2021.

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