The Power of Art #64 Mark Making

Blane’s recent drawings highlight her compelling mark making skills, dynamic and enigmatic, pushing the medium towards an explorative and infinite space. These drawings articulate her emotions in response to something seen or felt. Blane states:  “My paintings and drawings exist not to be understood but experienced”. Figuration informs abstraction and vice versa. Her cyphers also remind us of calligraphic scratches, formulating something metaphysical as well as physical, where the spirit informs the body, transferring the energy of both body and spirit into the arm, into the hand, into the brush and finally into the mark.

Blane most certainly contributes with her re-defined practice to the ongoing discourse on post-modernist drawings.


Frances Aviva Blane, Drawing 1, 2021 pastel and acrylic paint on waterford paper,   H470 mm x W470 mm.

Courtesy and ©Frances Avivia Blane and Renée Pfister Art & Gallery Consultancy, 2021.

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