The Power of Art #7 Jeff Lowe

For more than four decades Lowe has been making sculptures. He was taught by the late Sir Anthony Caro, at St. Martins School of Art, and has re-invented his oeuvre time and time again, from his early heavy and slow-moving pieces to his geometrical cage-like monuments. His latest colourful and playful sculptures present a new vernacular.

Lowe creates individual spray-painted sculptural elements, which while in the process of drying he noticed were reminiscent of clothes on washing lines. Welding these individual structures together made them appear like bulky casts, a result he disliked. He then decided to  utilise nuts and bolts, allowing him to craft the delicate forms he envisaged.  Each section is computer drawn and laser-cut, with some patterns being specific while others are random.

Dido’s Aria, no 14 from the series in the close distance, 2019, painted aluminum,   H970 mm  x W1200 mm x D1222 mm.

Courtesy and © Jeff Lowe, Steve Russell Studios (photography) and Renée Pfister

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