The Power of Art #8 Sam Hodge

Sam Hodge utilises traditional pigments and her own specific foraging as we can see in Some Kind of Nature. Hodge’s new body of work takes inspiration from Morris’ interest in traditional techniques and materials, specifically his revival of the use of natural dyestuffs such as madder and indigo as well as the value he places in maintaining a physical connection with the natural world.  The structures in her prints have an immediate visual connection to Morris’s designs with their twining and branching patterns. Whilst his forms derived from first-hand study of plant life, Hodge uses the physical nature of  paint to create shapes comparable to those found in biological systems.

Courtesy and © Sam Hodge and Renée Pfister

Some Kind of Nature, 2019, on black paper H560 mm x W470 mm


#patterns #sustainabletextiles #handdyed #colorworld #indigodye #naturalworld #madder #naturaldyestuffs #biologicalsystems #samhodge #reneepfisterartconsultancy #artforever


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