Winter Highlights - January 2021


The panel discussion Approaching Our Past: Tackling an Uncomfortable Truth will be moderated by Renée Pfister.  The discussion focuses on a new approach to re-interpret objects of an ethnographic museum collection, a repatriation, and a public sculpture, all presenting facets of tainted British history. It is long overdue to recognise what once were legitimate activities and behaviours of powerful individuals; the exploitation and impact of the violence and anguish were grossly unjust and wholly unacceptable. With George Floyd’s death last year, the BLM movement finally gained worldwide attention, addressing these ongoing inequalities. 
In this session, we examine how two museums and a city have dealt with these extremely sensitive issues. A paradigm shift aiming to reconcile and heal, to inspire a new vision and walk an inclusive path comprising all world cultures. Our future can only be prosperous by acknowledging and respecting our differences and shared values, the building blocks of civilisation.
26 January 2021, 16.00 pm,  the event is free, to register click here

Courtesy and ©London Art Fair and Renée Pfister Art & Gallery Consultancy, London 2021. All rights reserved.



We are delighted to announce that we've joined forces with Vera Schuhmacher Fine Art, offering support to the artists we're continuously involved with.

This note includes the links to a selection of artworks that can be purchased through the European platform Artsper for contemporary art sales. It allows you to view their artworks, with the opportunity to make a purchase.

Feel free to browse!

To view Annabel Dover and Alexandra Carr's work click here 

To view Sam Hodge & Ernesto Romano's work click here 

To view Pip Dickens & Christine Seiterle's work click here 

To view Jim Grundy's work click here 

To view Marcus Hodge's work click here 

To view Joanna Jones' work click here

To view Beat Kuert's work click here 

To view Daniela White's work click here 

Courtesy and ©Renée Pfister Art & Gallery Consultancy, Vera Schuhmacher Fine Art,  2021. All rights reserved.



We are delighted to share with you that the artist Alexandra Carr has been awarded a DYCP grant from the Arts Council England, to research and develop biological smart materials (mycelial networks, fungi, moss, lichen, salts, etc.) that grow, transform, and dissolve, following on from her work with Material Imagination, with the Institute of Advanced Study. The discussions with leading scientists seeded novel ideas for symbiotic systems that could develop into artworks over time.

By fostering organic processes to transform or create a material that grows, replicates, dissolves, reconstitutes, and evolves, and by harnessing natural processes such as accretion, erosion, and phase changes, Carr wishes to develop temporal works that communicate the concept of transience, transformation, and impermanence.

In the later part of the project, she will explore adding digital technologies to the work to create an adaptive dialogue between the two. Her research starts on 11th January 2021 and will be active until the end of the year.
Courtesy and ©Alexandra Carr and Renée Pfister 2021. All rights reserved.



The latest work by Beat Kuert,  ‘The Virus in My Head,’  is a recollection of memories from his youth and a reflection of his inner-self during the time of lockdown, in response to this strange and unusual event. His explanations resulted in what he calls il libretto visivo – a visual booklet featuring his main character, Solome, and himself in obscured circumstances and surroundings.

To read more about Beat Kuert click here
To watch Beat Kuert's video click here

©Beat Kuert and Renée Pfister (text), 2021. All rights reserved.
Courtesy and ©Beat Kuert, Ben Sound (music)
and Renée Pfister (text), with the assistance of Galina Matveeva, 2021. All rights reserved. 

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