The Power of Art #72 Geometric Abstractions

When exploring Sharon Hall’s abstractions, we encounter connecting, overlapping and joining geometric shapes, creating different perspectives and dynamics.


The Power of Art #71 Unwanted

When Afsoon and her family left their country Iran, one of the very few things they carried in their suitcases were photo albums, happy reminders of a life and loved ones left behind.


The Joy Of What We Do #46 Painting Mystery

Recently a client contacted me about a pronounced mark on a large abstract painting in their collectio


The Power of Art #70 Reflective PVC

The French artist Capucine Vandebrouck works with the light and colour effects of PVC film.


The Joy Of What We Do #45 Financial Management

The financial planning of projects or organisational operations should be well-defined from the start. Depending on the size of the institution one or several individuals can be in control and be held responsible.


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