The Power of Art #99 Mukesh Shaw 'Let Them Eat Art'

Mukesh Shah's practice is observing and reductive, whether using text to explore the zeitgeist or creating tactile abstract compositions that may be viewed as inner landscapes.


The Joy Of What We Do #50 In the Lab

Today we are focusing on the continuing development of Alexandra Carr's artistic practice, exploring organic materials, processes and organisms, which provide wide-ranging possibilities.


Spring Highlights - April 2023

Due to our international commitments, we have been quiet with our newsletters and on our social media platforms. In our Spring issue we are presenting a few projects we have been engaged with.


The Power of Art #98 Rosemary Clunie and Ben Okri 'Firedreams'

Firedreams, 2022, is a collaborative exhibition driven by two well-known London creatives, Rosemary Clunie and Ben Okri.


My individual, dedicated service means that all projects are handled with the utmost discretion, to international museums codes and fine art practice. Experience, knowledge and attention to detail are key elements. Please get in touch to see how I can help you with your requirements. All these services are bespoke and chargeable as agreed in advance.