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25 May
The Power of Art #103 Sam Hodge 'Every Contact Leaves a Trace'

We are pleased to announce the exhibition 'Every Contact Leaves a Trace' by Sam Hodge.

18 May
The Joy of What We Do #54 'Unpacking Artworks at the Airport'

Recently I have been engaged in an international exhibition with a number of high value loans from the UK.

12 May
The Power of Art #102 Miguel Sopena ‘Starry Night I’

Artists observe the world around them. A walk in the forest, a poem, watching people, listing to some delightful music can be the source of stimulation alongside being enthused by a famous iconic painting.

05 May
The Joy of What We Do #53 'Emotional Support Animals'

A few weeks ago, I took flight from Detroit MI to Newark NJ. Shortly after I had boarded the aircraft l heard a dog bellowing. My first thought - I was miss hearing but the howling continued, hence I asked a fellow passenger who confirmed my suspicion. The dog became more anxious and kept barking during take-off. The poor creature most likely was dramatised upon arrival and required psychotherapy.

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