The Power of Art #53 What do we know (anyway)?

What do we know (anyway)? was a series of eventful public gatherings that took place across a week, pulling together aspects of practice, and situating them within the context of Bloc Projects, Sheffield.


The Joy Of What We Do #36 UKRG Seminar at RMG

Last week I attended a number of seminars to be informed of the latest developments in the industry. One topic presented focused on the relaxation of environmental conditions in museums.


The Power of Art #52 Kaleidoscopic Prisms

Kaleidoscopic Prisms by Fiona Grady is inspired by the homonymous children’s toy.


The Power of Art #51 Deep Time

Shuster + Moseley is the conceptual art studio of #ClaudiaMoseley (b. 1984) and #EdwardShuster (b. 1986). The artists create light mobiles, sculptural installations and immersive, meditative environments reflecting on the nature of consciousness and technology.


The Joy Of What We Do #35 Exhibtion Assessment

Whenever I meander around an exhibition,....


The Power of Art #50 On The Shore

We are delighted to share with you the news that the Artists Ackroyd & Harvey have collaborated with the poet, novelist and activist Ben Okri to address the climate emergency, and make a plea for governments to act with urgency and humanity on the #ClimateCrisis.

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