The Power of Art #88 Lucia Buceta & Dominic Beattie ‘Umbrella Paintings’

Lucia Buceta's and Dominic Beattie's joyous and multicoloured umbrella paintings are united in a spinning dance, floating over a white wall in the Saatchi Gallery, London.


The Power of Art #88 Velvet Zoe Ramos 'On the same Boat'

‘On the same boat ‘ is the latest project by Velvet Zoe Ramos, comprising a vessel built from handmade salt bread and found objects.


The Power of Art # 87 Nicole Polonsky '‘My Mother's Knitting Mistakes - - PR back, wrong stitches’

Nicole Polonsky prospects for latent meanings in apparently unremarkable objects and texts, and rearticulates them in surprising and thought-provoking ways.


The Power of Art #86 Levi van Veluw ‘Planetary Chapel’

Levi van Veluw is an interdisciplinary artist who works across sculpture, installation, drawing, photography and film. Over the years, he has developed a rich and unique visual language, inspired by cultures and belief systems from around the world..


Thoughtscapes - Maria Teresa Ortoleva - Artist in Focus - September 2022

In each human mind, a series of thoughts, images, and other sensations occur during sleep that fill our dreams. Our nightly visions are often perceived as representations of our innermost thoughts and feelings.


The Power of Art #85 Rosemary Clunie ‘Night of the God-bird’

Rosemary Clunie’s “Night of the God-bird”, emerged during the first Covid lockdown in 2020.


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